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We hope that this page can answer some quick and common questions regarding your auto insurance coverage.

Still have a question? You can e-mail the staff or telephone us toll free (800) 449-1857.

“What You Need” — Insurance is not like buying a baseball cap, one size does not fit all! Each persons needs and exposures are different. That’s why we try to balance the right coverage with the lowest premium. Here is a brief definition of each coverage offered on your auto insurance policy in the State of Florida.

BODILY INJURY LIABILITY—pays for liability claims that other parties may make against you or a rated member of your household if you hurt them in an accident. This coverage is NOT required for tags and license in the State of Florida, but if not taken and you do hurt someone in an accident can forced on you. Can be bought in different increments and is STRONGLY suggested by our office to carry. (A quick note: if you are leasing you’re liability limits are required to be 100/300).

PROPERTY DAMAGE LIABILITY–Pays to repair damages to another persons car or property that you are deemed responsible for. $10,000 is required by the state of Florida. Works in tandem with your Bodily Injury Coverages. If you lease you must carry $50,000.

MEDICAL PAYMENTS—pays for excess medical expenses for you or any one who is involved in an accident. Not required in Florida but highly recommended by our office.

UNINSURED/UNDERINSURED MOTORISTS (UM)–the most complex and misunderstood coverage available. In essence, one out of 4 people drive around with no insurance in the state of Florida and another one out of 4 carry no liability. UM allows you to collect damages from your own carrier if someone without insurance causes injury to you or any one in your vehicle. UM pays for lost wages, pain and suffering, scarring, disfigurement or any life altering ailment. HIGHLY recommended by our office. Call us to discuss in detail.

COLLISION—pays for physical damage to your vehicle in case of an accident.

COMPREHENSIVE–pays for physical damage to your car in case of anything other then an accident i.e. flood, theft, vandalism, fire. Both collision and comprehensive usually carry deductibles that must be paid out by the unsured before the insurance coverage kicks in.

PERSONAL INJURY PROTECTION (PIP)–state mandatory coverage. Covers 80 percent of your medical bills and 60 percent loss of income up to $10,000. Offered with different deductibles and exclusions. Call our office to review some cost saving options that may apply to you.

RENTAL REIMBURSEMENT—allows to be reimbursed for a rental car in case of an accident or a theft. Limits are described on policy. Usually $20-$30 a day for 30 days. Very inexpensive and HIGHLY recommended to take.

TOWING–reimburses you for vehicle disablement. Usual limit is $50-$75 a day.

Other type of coverages available are CUSTOM PARTS AND EQUIPMENT, LOAN PAYOFF COVERAGE, AND EXCESS PIP. Please call our office to discuss these other options.

There are many different factors that insurance companies use in determining your rates. The most obvious are driving record, claim history, vehicle type and garaging address. One by one insurance companies are using credit as a factor in your rates. For the past few years they have shown a positive correlation with good credit and better risk driver’s.

The ONLY way to receive a competitive and accurate quote is to go “apples to apples” with your present coverage. Find your present “declarations” page and match specific coverages with your new company. Also it is important that you disclose as much information as possible about violations, claims, or accidents that may have occurred in the last years. Again, this is the ONLY way to get an accurate quote.

We will be happy to quote your policy at any time of your policy period. Remember though our quote is only valid for 30 days. If you switch your policy in mid-term there may be a surcharge applied from your old company. We can discuss this with you when we give you a quote.


We make it as simple as possible for you at Reitano Insurance. You can either phone us at 1-800-449-1857, put your request in writing and fax it to us at 561-488-1230. Or visit or website and leave a message for one of our agents. We can then follow up with you the next day to verify the change.


Any additional or substitute vehicle is automatically covered on your policy for 30 days, BUT it is your responsibility to contact us soon as possible with the information on the new vehicle. Besides, your lienholder or bank will be calling to verify coverage within a few days.

All licensed drivers in your household MUST be listed and/or excluded on your auto policy. To add a driver we will need Name, Date of Birth, and Driver’s License #. Anybody who drives your car on a regular basis should also be listed on your policy.

As always, you can contact our office for any quotes or questions regarding additional vehicles, driver’s, or coverage’s.


Putting your teenage son or daughter as a licensed driver on your auto policy can be one of the most traumatic and costly additions to your policy. Insurance companies rate young drivers higher due to inexperience and the high loss history of teenage driver’s in general.

Different companies offer discounts like good student and driver’s education that can soften the blow. You must report to us when your son or daughter receives a permit because each company varies in the length of time that they will begin charging you for them.

The best thing to do is to call us first so that we can give you an idea how much your premium will go up or even shop you to one of our different companies.

The most important thing is to tell them that driving is a privilege not a right.