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Health Insurance is a widely debated subject but it all comes down to fee-for-service and managed care. Your choice will depend on several factors including, which doctors or facilities do you like to use, cost of the premium, size of the deductible and medical services you need to include.

health-insuranceMost of these plans offer a prescription drug plan and some even cover dental. As medical costs skyrocket, you need to have some sort of coverage in case you need serious care or long-term care.

Fee-For-Service is for those who want to continue to see current physicians or medical facilities. You will pay at the time of services and then file a claim. The claim can be filed by the doctor, medical facility or yourself.

Managed Care is by far the more popular kind of health insurance.  And the kind of coverage is a varied as they are the companies that issue the policies. The plans can include HMO (health maintenance organizations), PPO (preferred provider organizations and POS (point of service).

Ask us about your options when it comes to determining your needs on health insurance.

* All information presented on this website is for a general understanding of the various kinds of insurance. This does not in any way imply terms of coverage that you may purchase. The information is subject to change at any time.