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The value and importance of good homeowner’s insurance has never been more evident in the State of Florida.

home-protectionWe have all seen the devastation that hurricanes have produced in the last few years. Understanding your coverage and being properly insured can mean the difference between having a claim covered or being left with costly repairs that can devastate any property owner.

The first step in insuring your home is sitting down with your agent and coming up with a “replacement cost “ value of your house. This is how much the company estimates that your home will cost to rebuild. (This has nothing to do with the market or tax value of your home).

Your homeowner’s policy should cover you for major perils such as fire, hurricane, theft and liability. Flood is a separate policy and is regulated through the U.S. government. Some companies can purchase other coverage such as jewelry, water back up, and refrigerated food as add—on coverage. Check with your agent for these available options.

Always remember to keep records or receipts of your valuable items. In case of a loss this will come in handy in helping the adjuster verify the proper value of your personal property.

* All information presented on this website is for a general understanding of the various kinds of insurance.  This does not in any way imply terms of coverage that you may purchase.  The information is subject to change at any time.

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